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Date posted: 14 June 2019
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With decades of experience in the design, engineering and fabrication of biogas systems, AJ Tensile Biogas Systems Ltd has established an outstanding global reputation as an innovative, dependable partner, establishing long-standing relationships with our clients in all aspects of biogas control and distribution.

Our team of designers, engineers and project managers is headed up by Director of Engineering Richard Cherry, who brings over thirty years of anaerobic digestion (AD) technology experience, having designed, engineered, managed, installed and commissioned hundreds of AD systems throughout the world. A highly-respected consultant to the AD and wastewater treatment industries, Richard was previously Managing Director of a number of leading AD companies before setting up AJ Tensile Biogas Systems Ltd in association with AJ Tensile Manufacturing Ltd in 2013. Richard was also MD, founding director and co-owner of Vergas Ltd, for whom AJTM Ltd produced gasholder membranes.

Biogas systems are used to control the storage and distribution of biogas (generally 65% methane) generated by the anaerobic decomposition of organic waste. As such they are an increasingly important contributor to environmental protection by utilising renewable energies, reducing carbon footprints and minimising impact on our environment, and AD is rapidly becoming the technology of choice for organic waste treatment across the globe. AJ Tensile Biogas Systems has proved itself a highly skilled specifier and provider of biogas handling technology including membrane BioSphere vessels, covers, roofs, tank tops and associated hardware. With its own design, project management, installation and commissioning team fully integrated into the 3,200 sqm on-site production facility of AJ Tensile Manufacturing Ltd, AJ Tensile Biogas Systems Ltd offers outstanding service, unrivalled expertise and the efficiency and convenience of a complete turnkey solution for all of your membrane biogas project requirements. Over the years Richard and his team have been responsible for the successful completion of over 250 membrane gasholder and roof projects across the globe. Contact the team today at office@ajtensile.co.uk to discuss your own anaerobic digestion project.

AJT Biogas division selected as NMCN collaborative partner

Date posted: 6 June 2019
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AJ Tensile Biogas Systems Ltd are proud to have been selected as the specialist consultant for Gas Tenuation & Supply as part of NMCN’s Collaborative Supply Chain Partner programme. NMCN’s internal audit team chose AJTBS Ltd based on their suitability for collaborative working within various contracts. Specific areas of strength were identified as: a strong geographical presence; an approach to collaborative working; a proven track record of introducing innovative solutions; very competitive rates; participation in forums and other initiatives; excellent work on previous projects; the ability to deal with any size and complexity of project; and strong competencies at all levels. The audit team added that “… AJ Tensile have been used for gas bag design manufacture and installation on biogas system projects. They have offered innovative designs to overcome issues presented on sites”.

W&WT magazine article about Knostrop sludge digesters

Date posted: 26 April 2019
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Yorkshire Water’s £72M project to upgrade the sludge treatment facilities at Knostrop WWTW is nearing completion, three years after the project was started in April 2016.

Another AJT Biogas project undergoing inflation testing

Date posted: 26 April 2019
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Too big to be fully inflated in our factory..!

Biosphere takes centre stage at Knostrop

Date posted: 26 April 2019
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One of our recently-completed biogas projects at the £72m Knostrop Treatment Works, as viewed from the A1(M). There’s a Yorkshire Water article about the plant here: https://www.yorkshirewater.com/about-us/newsroom-media/knostrop-sludge-investment

AJT Group is now a proud user of renewable energy

Date posted: 11 February 2019
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As part of our drive to help achieve a sustainable future, A J Tensile Group Ltd has recently switched to renewable source electricity.

Coolhurst tennis dome inflation

Date posted: 28 November 2018
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Where has summer gone? The good news for Coolhurst Lawn Tennis and Squash Club is that play can continue in all weathers throughout the winter thanks to our semi-permanent inflatable tennis dome, recently reinstalled by our dedicated crew.

Another BioSphere collaboration for a European client

Date posted: 21 November 2018
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Here is another medium-sized BioShere collaboration between our Biogas and Manufacturing divisions for a European client, undergoing inflation testing at our in-house production facility.

Rotherdale Lagoon Cover

Date posted: 20 November 2018
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Our Biogas and Manufacturing divisions are currently collaborating on a project for Vale Green Energy, a lagoon cover at Rotherdale Farm in Pershore, Worcestershire. The dimensions of the cover are 59.8m long by 35.8m wide, and capacity is 9,555 cubic metres. The membrane manufacturing process is currently ongoing with delivery and installation scheduled for the end of this month.




Knostrop gasholder article by Yorkshire Water

Date posted: 18 October 2018
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From the Yorkshire Water website, an article about one of our AJ Tensile Biogas Systems gasholders which was manufactured by sister company AJ Tensile Manufacturing Ltd. The photos were unfortunately taken before it was cleaned – the dirt accumulated because it had to be left uninflated for a short while exposed to typically British weather..!



Swinging into action – poo power helps Yorkshire Water drive green ambitions at Knostrop

Those who drive into Leeds on the M1 or A63 may have seen a rather large golf ball looking object appear on the Yorkshire Water Knostrop treatment plant near Leeds.

The firm is not trying to create a mini Epcot Centre in Leeds, but building a gas bag, with its construction meaning another landmark has been reached in the £72m project.

Methane produced from sludge treatment will be stored in the bag with up to 3,700 cubic metres of gas stored at any one time. All of this gas will then be turned into electricity to help power the plant.

The facility will begin processing in August and once fully operational later this year, will contribute significantly to the recycling of 94% of Leeds’ sewage sludge by 2020.

The facility will be capable of processing up to 131 tonnes of dry sludge a day and will generate enough renewable energy, using heat and power engines, to provide 55% of Knostrop’s energy needs – enough to power 8,000 homes.

Yorkshire Water Project Manager, Lee Laherty, said: “This is the single biggest investment the company is making between 2015 and 2020.

“The installation is a huge deal because we can start creating more electricity for ourselves and do more to reduce carbon emissions and help the environment.

“It also supports Leeds council’s ambition for the Lower Aire Valley to become a hub for green energy and industry.”